It is the most exact and convenient way for making an appointment.
You can make an appointment after checking a relevant care service and doctor, which enables you to choose a desired time before registration.

- Appointment for first-visit patients
Fill out an application form at the information desk on 1st floor. Submit it with health insurance card to the registration desk in the Hospital Affairs and make a payment. Then you will be provided with 'registration note' and 'medical care card'.

- Appointment for re-visit patients
Check a next schedule for re-treatment after having had a first care in the relevant medical division and make a payment to the Hospital Receipt in customer support team. Then you will be provided with a 'appointment note'
- Service Hours
Weekday : 08:30 ~ 16:30 (break: 12:30 ~ 13:30)
Saturday : 08:30 ~ 12:30

- Notice
  1. An appointment for treatment of the day is admitted only.
  2. Give exact information of patient name, registration number or resident registration number.
  3. If you have an appointment note and want to change your appointed date, please call the relevant medical division directly. (If you change the appointment status via telephone after visiting for appointment, the deposit will be substituted for next medical fee.)
Telephone number for making an appointment only : +82-51-850-8530
- For patients of industrial accident compensation insurance and motor-vehicle insurance
Please contact person in charge directly.
- Person in charge of industrial accident compensation insurance : +82-51-850-8522
- Person in charge of motor-vehicle insurance : +82-51-850-8534

- Appointment for medical checkup
Please call the medical checkup center and make an appointment.

- Appointment for oriental stroke preventive checkup
Please call the oriental stroke preventive checkup center and make an appointment.
- Notice
  1. If change and cancellation should be made, you are asked to contact us at least one day before.
  2. In case of change to be made after visiting (re-treatment deposit already paid), the deposit is automatically substituted. However, it is refundable for cancellation.
  3. We do not take an appointment on National holidays and Sundays.
  4. Patients receiving medical care subsidy are not able to change an appointment for first care and the medical division.
  5. Please be punctual for those who made an appointment via phone.
- Contact Information
For changing an appointment, please contact the medical division directly. We are then able to confirm the time schedule of the doctor.
- Appointment change: contact the medical division ☞Contact Info.
- Appointment cancellation : +82-51-850-8530